Worship is a lifestyle.

Worship is more than only being an expression of love for God through music. Our team of worship leaders have dedicated their lives to living a lifestyle of worship which can be projected through teachings, songs, poems and dance. [page]


The power of prayer.

Our group of powerful prayer warriors have started international prayer chains, that have resulted in miracles and testimonies. We also have daily prayer vigils from 12pm-5am, and training sessions. To submit a prayer request please visit our prayer request page.[page]

Youth Ministry

Leading the next generation.

Few things are as important as teaching the next generation in the way they should go. In the bible we are commanded to train up a child. Join us with various activities designed to teach, inspire and direct our precious youth in growth [page]


Going into all the world

Be apart of one of our campaigns that lead people to salvation, healing, and deliverance as we fulfill the mandate to go into all the world. Share God's Word while feeding and caring for the poor, abandoned, and drug addicted, locally and abroad in the places God calls us.[page]

Ministry Training

Perfecting of the saints

This ministry is dedicated to teaching and training up of the saints into their gifts and callings. This ministry prepares the leaders of tomorrow to be released in their ministries. Courses are designed to equip and edify.

Family Ministry

Managing the household well

Few things are as important as family in God's eyes. The bible even instructs us to manage our own household, before we can care for God's church. We believe family is an important foundation. Join us as we focus on importance of the family, marriage, parents and children.[page]

Featured Ministries

Want to serve?

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