Rev. Daniel & Elsy Panitz

Miracle Fellowship History

After years of traveling, preaching, and leading humanitarian campaigns in disaster stricken areas, Rev. Daniel and Elsy Panitz believed that God had called them to establish a ministry. In January of 2011, Pastors Daniel and Elsy Panitz opened the doors of their home in faith, to a group of people and began to hold weekly bilingual bible studies. This ministry was not only put in their hearts by actively seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but also confirmed by prophetic words spoken over their lives. This ministry is based out of South Florida, its focus is to bring disaster relief, medicines, vocational education, opportunities, new technologies and most importantly, the Gospel to the nations of the world. Apart from weekly meetings, Miracle Fellowship’s ministry's impact is felt worldwide, as seen in their first response, and missionary work. The Lord has faithfully provided for theses missions held in the countries of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean island nations. Rev. Daniel, his wife, and the ministry leaders have shown an unparalleled dedication and commitment to serving God and their fellow man. This can be seen by their dedication to missions in the poorest of countries which are considered by many to be unsafe. Yet they obediently bring the gospel, food, deliverance, and the love of God to the sick, downtrodden and disenfranchised. All church activity is backed by a constant atmosphere of prayer and worship and consistently seeking the Lords for direction. Being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit is responsible for many miracles and breakthroughs experienced by the church. Miracle Fellowship is known for its attention to the importance of real worship, intercession, training up leaders, and walking in love.

About Our Pastors

Rev. Daniel Panitz

Rev. Daniel Panitz
Senior Pastor

Our senior pastor, Rev. Daniel has always had a heart for helping others. His first response efforts for disaster relief after the 911 attacks in New York City, hurricane Katrina, earthquakes in Pakistan and Haiti, have been recognized by many. Our Pastor was honored by the president of the United States by receiving the Humanitarian of the Year award. Rev. Daniel has persevered through many battles in life by the grace of God, including an experience with death that left him in a comatose state for four weeks. Through it all, he is more determined than ever to continue his humanitarian efforts while spreading the gospel and love of God to the Nations. Proving that nothing is too big for God and no one is too small for God. God saved his life to fulfill the purpose He has placed on him. Rev. Daniel realized that part of that plan included to start the church of Miracle Fellowship, and the doors were opened in January of 2011.



Profeta Elsy Panitz

Prophetess Elsy Panitz

Our pastor Elsy was raised in a home that encouraged the gospel of Christ. Over the years prophetess Elsy has become a woman of strong faith and a powerful prayer warrior. She is very dedicated to the ministry and has helped develop campaigns in her native country of Colombia with her husband and other fellow leaders of Miracle Fellowship. These campaigns are geared towards the salvation, healing, deliverance and helping the less fortunate. Pastor Elsy has been called out to the nations and is looking forward to setting up campaigns in other countries of the world.